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Recycle Gear

Flagshare understands many businesses want to do more for their customers and supporters. Some strive to serve as a community partner that identifies and addresses certain community needs. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to implement a framework or system of engaging any outreach initiatives.  Flagshare is essentially the “plug and play” partner that quickly activates community outreach.  We are an effective tool that builds a company’s service representation and presence.Learn More About Bins We Provide


Share Surplus

Flagshare tackles the immediate challenge of developing a system of access to excess resources. This includes the collection and distribution of recycled, factory-second, wear-tested, sample and eco-friendly shoes and other gear. We answer the next question of how to efficiently and effectively get what is needed out to the community. Part of that answer comes from understanding our focus. Knowing exactly who to serve and what needs exist help us put our mission in motion.Learn How We Support You

Connect with Shoes

Here is where we try to take things to the next level. With shoes, we’re rethinking the recycling and sharing model of impact. Flagshare is aiming to elevate the powerful concept of sharing. We want to inspire people to share as many pairs of shoes as possible while delivering a highly social experience in the process. Utilizing technology to connect people on a human level through shoe sharing introduces a new and exciting twist. Hopefully more meaningful experiences will occur in the process.Learn How Our System Works


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Fresh Updates

Check out our latest bin location.  We’re proud to add Orangetheory Decatur to our growing family of Flagshare recyclers.

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Be sure to check out XiQ! Our newest partner and supporter. They’re a new tech startup that will change the telematics industry forever!    

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Flagshare thanks our partner The Biz Garage for their expertise, support and guidance.  The Biz Garage has been the key to our success and growth.  Find out how to get your biz back in the fast lane at

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People We Have Touched

Have you thought about where your recycled shoes end up?  Have you wondered if anyone could actually use your old shoes?  In the years that I have been associated with the recycling of shoes, I’ve had the privilege of seeing who benefits from those shoes! Some shoes might touch the life of an individual who’s homeless as they get shoes that replaces the worn out pair they’re wearing.Other shoes may help a kid in the foster system (more…)

It touched my heart that such a small and insignificant offering in our eyes – touched and changed a mother and her children’s lives.  Thank you for your gift and your company’s vision to touch and change people in this world.  As most of us have numerous pairs of shoes, we forget that there are many in this world with no shoes at all.  Thank you for allowing our World Harvest team to give to those in need in East London South Africa.

The shoes literally came just in time, as I had torn through my original shoes the previous day.  Also, I have to thank you because everyone was now able to come to practice with proper shoes.  Aaron, Team member

We are very grateful for the donation you gave to us this year. I personally [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”Read More” show_less=”Read Less” start=”hide”] hope that the fellow runners next year will be as grateful as I am if this partnership continues.  This may be only one person saying thanks, but is on behalf of the track team and the coaches. Thank you!  Leanza. Team member

I really appreciate you for donating my wonderful shoes.  I hope that you can help support our program next year and many more after.  The shoes helped me a lot.  I want to say thank you again, for myself and my team.  Unique, Team member[/dropdown_box]

Hope Roswell partnered with Flagshare during our largest annual event last April. Hundreds of shoes were given to adults and children in our community who are in need. Some of the recipients were homeless, some were on the verge of homelessness while others simply fight hard to make ends meet.  The smiles on the faces were priceless. It was truly an amazing experience to pray prayers with our neighbors while offering a free pair of wonderful shoes.  Thanks Flagshare!

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